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san francisco, ca

| human typewriter |

sierra is an east coast transplant currently inhabiting San Francisco and attempting to assimilate the scene.
with a background in film production, glass half full stack web development, & the raising of a plethora of animal species, you'll still most likely find her foraging for good s'mores-making sticks, reading a western, or exercising the use of oxford commas.
Voted 2016's "most likely to lose a baked potato & then build a website about it"
Position Project / Company Type Producer Director
Production Assistant Bank of America Commercial Michelle Skye Seery Jessica Sherry
Production Assistant RSA Conference 2019 Promo Video Anh Phan Richard Levine
Production Assistant/Coordinator Fitbit Photoshoot [Preproduction] Chhayal Mehta
Script Supervisor Cactus Blossom Short Thayer Juergens Samir Oliveros
Photo Assistant TitleNine Photoshoot Robert Houser
Script Supervisor Dancing Queen Short Marc Tarczali Bethany Michalsky
Script Supervisor Fort Irwin Short Marc Tarczali Quinn Else
Script Supervisor Unmanned [2 Episodes] Web Series Christina Hensley Tatiana Mercurio
Production Assistant; 2nd 2nd Fitbit Photoshoot Chhayal Mehta John Rafferty
Script Supervisor The Southern Thruway Short Amanda Freedman Samir Oliveros
Production Assistant YOU Magazine Epic Digital Kiana Moore
Script Supervisor Backpage Short Xiaoxiao Li R.J. Glass
Assistant Writer; Production Assistant Fitbit Coach Mobile App Chhayal Mehta
Production Assistant Fitbit Photoshoot Richie Gordon John Rafferty
Script Supervisor Life of Homer Short Ryan Binse Dimitris Tsilifonis
Script Supervisor Clarity Short Amanda Freedman Zahra Golafshani
Production Assistant Aspen Productions Photoshoot Liz Long Elizabeth Amaral
Assistant Producer Culture Trip Docu-series Jacqueline Torgerson Jacqueline Torgerson
Set Carpenter Robo-Dog: Airborne Feature Mark Boot Anthony Giordano
Unit Production Manager November 30th Short Larry Katz Nathan Wind
Script Supervisor January May - Young Music Video Nestor Vera Deion McCarter
Script Supervisor Table Manners Short Jason Boyette Michelle Navarrete
Script Supervisor IYAZ - Sleeping Alone Music Video Mohsen Khaial Carl Verna
1st Assistant Director Full Sail BTS Tour Live Production Duane Moore Rob Haynes
Script Supervisor Amber Eyes Short Steven Astasio Angelo Isnardi
Script Supervisor/BTS Hoop Culture Web Promo Series David Daudin Christopher Gotera
Script Supervisor Waiting Short Sam Duzansky Pedro Morales
Videographer 15th World Congress Live Stream Effie Chow John Han

Recognizing that children learn through repetition and feedback, our five person team created a collection of children's games that uses Fabric JS to create an interactive canvas for children to improve their literary skills. Our collection of games can be connected to the Xbox 360 Kinect to allow users to play the games with a wave of a hand, or can be played using a computer or tablet device.

Ruby on Rails, Fabric JS, JavaScript, HTML and CSS

  • implementation of workarounds to library deprication issues, such as Canvas JS responsiveness
  • implementation of Fabric JS letter block snapping feature
  • implementation of animations
  • implementation of drawing game

{ CNN } { Rewire } { New Yorker }


photo by Fox Nakai

A ruby gem built with DC Abortion Fund for San Francisco's Abortion Access Hackathon 2017. The gem is intended to help case management teams limit their patients' logistical challenges to securing an abortion, such as figuring out the closest clinic to them, the cheapest clinic in their state, or a clinic that will still see them at their current gestational age.
The MVP version is currently live and in use as of hackathon demo date. It is continually being improved as an open source project, with direct feedback from case managers as needs evolve.

Ruby, GeoKit, MiniTest

  • implementation of closest clinics locator methods
  • MiniTest
  • gem publishing

A chrome extension used to increase the exposure of adoptable animals and make it easier for people to connect with them. Each time you're greeting with a new pet's picture, description, contact info, and Petfinder link -- with only one click, right on your browser!

JS, HTML, CSS, Petfinder API


A blog-style art project that grew from an obsessive idea into a pseudo-reality of creatures donning spud torsos.

Ruby on Rails, TinyMCE, HTML, CSS, Heroku